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Hey Wine Fans, Want to Go To Camp?

November 16, 2010

Hey Wine Fans, Want to Go To Camp? Hey Wine Fans, Want to Go To Camp? Hey Wine Fans, Want to Go To Camp?

This innovative way of tourism consist of different types of tours ranging from one day Malbec Master Class to a 7 day Wine and Culture full immersion experience. And if you thought that wine culture in Mendoza was only about Malbec, you will be delightfully surprised with the way gastronomy plays into the experience. You can even try to conquer the "One day Asado Master Class", it's not as easy as it looks, but trust us, it looks very appetizing!
The Mendoza Wine Camp was born out of the owners love of wine and learning and passing on that knowledge to all the world travelers that share this same interest. The concept comes from that fact that a curios wine traveler deserves more that the regular "wine tour", and hearing the same speech four times a day.

The camp gives you a unique experience, where each visit to a winery or vineyard focuses on something different. Not only will the immersion teach you about the wine making process, but also will focus on the environmental surroundings and unique geography of Mendoza, its people and their relationship with the land and the viticulture.

In the website you will be able to see all the available tours as well as set up your own personalized trip. You can also check and learn what part of the wine making process will be happening during the time of your stay and read feedback from other tourist.

To top of this distinctive experience, you will have the gratification of knowing that your visit is helping the land you are visiting since a percentage of the profits from the camp are donated to Oikos Red Ambiental, a small environmental NGO dedicated to protecting the environmental rights of the people of Mendoza.