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En La Viña del Señor

June 27, 2011

En La Viña del Señor En La Viña del Señor En La Viña del Señor

MG-i participates in the production of the original television series "En la Viña del Señor", an 8 episode fictional miniseries winner of the contest "Federal Fiction Series 2010" for the promotion of audiovisual digital content for the Argentinean Digital Terrestrial Television System in conjunction with the Ministry of Planification, the University of San Martin and the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA).

The aforementioned contest is an initiative from the federal government of Argentina for the promotion and proliferation of regional/provincial audiovisual content and the implementation of such content in the newly integrated SATVD (Argentinean Digital Terrestrial Television System). Thus creating the right atmosphere for high-def to be a key element in a democratization process of the "new voices", a fundamental piece of this initiative.  It is an attempt to bring the citizens closer to their own audiovisual culture, especially regional, which many times lacks the opportunity to be exposed to a mass audience in the rest of the country. The idea is for all regions of the country to produce original, high quality content to be shown in open air digital television. That the "new voices", these regional independent producers, actors and directors have the opportunity to be exposed to a new, wider audience.  There will also be a National Bank of Universal Content, where all regional public television channels will be able to access this content and redistribute it in their regions, creating an interesting cultural exchange.

"En la Viña del Señor" is an original, independent, and regional production. This 8 episode comedy series is authentically regional, not only because it is entirely produced in Mendoza (it is filmed in the east of the province, departments of San Martin and Junín), counts on 100% regional talent (28 tech and 32 actors; transports, catering, commercials and the many more occupations that are needed in a production of this size). Furthermore, it deals with regional topics and costumes.

The impact that this production has on the region is not only positive for the cultural industry but also for the economy, whcich beenefits form the salaries that all the people working on the series are being paid and consecuently returnign to the region. This is thanks to the grant from the contest and to private sponsors who have joined the produce-locally, "made in Mendoza" boom.

The fictional series takes place in Villa Pilita, an small imaginary country town were daily events are resolved in an absurd fashion until reaching extreme situations in the lives of the people in the particular town. La majority of the actors come from the provincial theater scene. Yet, courisly, a few of the extras who never imagined having a future in acting, have discovered an innate talent brought out by this kind of opportunity.  The production started at the end of February and is set to be finished for distribution through the open air satellite tv by July

"En la viña del señor" counts with the participation of two members of MG-i, Diego Reos, Head of Production, and Germán Diez, Editor. On behalf of MG-i it is with great pride that we announce this participation. As a socially responsible communication group we believe greatly in initiatives that encourages regional cultural industries at the same time impulsing the economy in a sustainable fashion. Our goal is to keep working with projects that benefit socially, culturally and economically the progress and development of a country.

For more information on the series "En la Viña del Señor":   http://enlavinadelsenortv.blogspot.com
For more information on the Plan for the promotion of Audiovisual and Digital Content: http://www.incaa.gov.ar/castellano/nuevo_itvdigital.php