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Butterflies in my stomach. Wooing wine to women

November 28, 2011

Butterflies in my stomach. Wooing wine to women Butterflies in my stomach. Wooing wine to women Butterflies in my stomach. Wooing wine to women

MG-i was pleased to collaborate once again with Ballester/Milia Wine Branding Agency in the production of the promotional video campaign for the launching of the new sparkling wine by Toneles Winery, Moscatino. It is the first sparkling wine that is naturally sweetened 100% by Moscatel grapes and the first of the winery to be targeted specifically to the female consumer. The campaign, a romantic and subtle sight of pastels and soft lighting is reinforced by the slogan “Butterflies in your stomach”, in reference to both the actual physiological tingling feeling that is produced by the thousands of tiny bubbles in sparkling wine and the tingling sensation of falling in love.

The video, which captures a romantic atmosphere through its soft lighting, close-ups and down tempo music, is evidently a strong bet on the female wine consume which up until recently had been pretty much neglected. Wine producers, as with many other products that in the past have been advertised with strong male connotations, are increasingly betting on the female consumer power. Logically, considering that female consumers make around 80%(1) of the household purchasing decisions and account for nearly 64% of all wine consumers (2), the once stratified and male oriented world of wine must put a bit of rosé in its communication strategies.

Just like the male and female brain work on different cognitive levels, so do their taste buds. According to Matt Kramer from Wine Spectator, “women notice more details and appreciate more subtle nuances than men. Sometimes it’s a learned response but in this instance nature trumps nurture. Females have more taste buds than males which makes them inherently better tasters”. Ironically (or not) this fact does not reflect itself in reality. Of the 112 professionals who hold the title of Master Sommelier in North America and the CMS Americas 95 are men and only 17 are women.

As for marketing wine to women instead of men there are many factors to keep in mind. From the way wine is purchased to how, when and why it is consumed. Where men usually tend to focus on wine ratings, prizes, grape selection, women tend to focus on the moment of enjoying the wine. A woman is usually more  inclined to choose a wine that will fit a specific occasion and company.  An intense Malbec for an intimate dinner party, a crisp Chardonnay for a lunch date with her girlfriends, a rich Syrah for an after work drink with colleagues.  They tend to buy a wine to be shared or to create a special moment, even is she is by herself. When choosing a wine, a woman will usually not focus as much as a man on wine ratings or vintage charts but more on a personal recommendation or the memory of a specific wine and moment.

With this in mind wine ads targeted toward woman are not just about coloring the ad with rosy colors, love songs and emotional claims, it should be more about recreating a “moment” or “feeling”. Although the concept of “romance” is not new in the world of wine (the classic male-female romantic date + bottle of wine) luckily the repertoire is expanding to include other types of emotional moments a woman can feel identified with such as a girlfriend get-together or simply enjoying some highly valued and ever more precious alone time. Which brings us back to “Butterflies in your stomach” by Moscatino. Yes there are a lot of feminine tones, romantic music, emotional claim yet these are just attributes that set the mood for the moment. She is alone, happy, sexy, in love and enjoying a sweet, sparkling wine. The subtle touches in the atmosphere make us intrigued as to what she is feeling and why. Is she waiting for her date about to pick her up? or maybe she is getting ready on her wedding day? or maybe she is just content and satisfied with herself and her life…. it’s not just about the exceptional wine making skills nor the hand-picked grapes, it’s about enjoying her own special moment and accompanying it with an especially great tasting wine that makes her feel good.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think?


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