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Welcome 2012

January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012

Welcome change… and learn to adapt.
Welcome difficult circumstances… and embrace them as challenges.
Welcome problems… and find creative ways to solve them.  
Welcome obstacles… and turn them into advantages. 
Welcome collaborations that foster innovation, design for change and communication for development.

2012 is your year to shine, your year to break the mold, to challenge the status quo and not be afraid of doing things differently, to believe in what is authentic and act on what you believe ("Be the change you want to see in the world" says Gandhi)
It's a year to enjoy life and all of its small, everyday insignificances that make you smile. It's a year to take care of your body because it is the carrier of your soul and the only one you have. It's a year to take care of our surroundings because the earth is deteriorating and we owe it consciousness and responsability. It's a year to take action against the disparities and inequalities in the world, everybody has some way of making the world a better place for all.
This is our message for 2012 to you- our friends, family, collaborators, partners and clients. As for us, we are excited about the possibility of embarking on challenging projects with new clients as well as maintaining and expanding existing ones. We are excited about possible winds of change that will take us to new regions of Latin America (more news to come..), and planning new strategies that will help us grow. But most of all we are excited to
welcome 2012….because welcoming is so much happier than saying goodbye!

Here we bring you some things we have been working on the past few months.
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