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EdX- impulse for the Edu-Revolution

May 17, 2012

EdX- impulse for the Edu-Revolution EdX- impulse for the Edu-Revolution


Recently Harvard and MIT presented edX , a joint venture between the two ivy league institutions that enables the opening of educational boundaries in an experiment to see where free, open and global learning can take us. EdX will offer free online learning to anybody around the globe with internet access.  

The program has two main objectives, one is to enable the institutions to build a global community of learning thus expanding their outreach beyond imaginable borders, and the second is as an ongoing investigation on how students learn online and how technology is changing education and facilitating teaching both on campus and online. Online classes will be an online version of their semester courses, they will include video lessons, embedded testing, real time feedback, student ranked questions and answers, collaborative web based laboratories, and student paced learning. The EdX software is open-source which allows other institutions to join with their own content.

This does not mean you can get a Harvard degree through free online courses, for that you must actually go to the college (as in- be pretty "smart" to get admitted, and be pretty rich to pay the hefty tuition bills). Yet by opening up of their educational resources these institutions are taking a huge step in leveling out a big part of educational divide that has been in place since the beginning of "higher" education institutions (when only priest or monks were able to obtain a university education.. only to keep it to themselves and rewrite books).

There are many institutions that have paved the way for free and open education through the internet. One such example is Khan Academy which pioneered online learning through videos to be able to "Learn what you what, when you want, at your pace", and giving the opportunity to less advantaged students around the world (less advantaged not only in economic terms but also socially or intellectually)  to have equal access to knowledge and to change the way teachers interact with students and the way students interact with learning.


EdX is not the first of its kind, yet what makes this news so important is that it is the biggest and most prestigious "brand" of leading educational institutions that is backing up this educational revolution. The "brightest" minds are betting on this path and the have both the strength in resources and reputation to lead such a change. 

It is definitely the beginning of an interesting research as to how this open and collaborative education will change our learning and inevitably our workforce, especially at this time, when we are at a stagnant point where higher education does not necessarily lead to a higher job… traditional university degrees have become so widespread that they no longer suppose a competitive advantage in a real-life work world. 

A new educational model is in need. One that will give young people the tools necessary to make the most of their learned intelligence and be able to apply it as effectively possible.

The edX iniciative will give us clues and maybe set us on a path to this new educational system in a changing world where the new values of collaboration, openness, transparency and adaptability are leading the change.