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Instant Customer Service- Instant Satisfaction

May 31, 2012

Instant Customer Service- Instant Satisfaction Instant Customer Service- Instant Satisfaction


Tired of waiting on the phone for 3 hours while your complaint is being processed…or while you are being switched from one off-site call center receptionist to another? Next time you have a complaint about a erroneous bill or awful service received try using 140 characters + hashtag + @.

Twitter is a service which when created was supposed to be a program that replaced sms messaging, it quickly evolved and transformed itself into the microblogging giant it has become.  This adaptability virtue is an important part of its instant success, it has been able to adapt to peoples changing needs. One of these needs is that of a more transparent, real time and efficient customer service . Many companies are now using Twitter to solve customer complaints in a much more efficient and less stressful manner, for both ends (i'm sure call center receptionist dont particularly enjoy being sreamed at by angry ranting customers either).

This is such that many banks, travel agencies and large retailers not only have their twitter account, they also have a specific account dedicated specifically to reading and responding customer complaints . These accounts usually have the words @ASK…., @HELP…, @CS....

One such example is the story of a member of the gym chain LA Fitness who complained on Twitter about the poor customer service he received regarding the gym's cancelation program. A few minutes later his tweet was responded in public asking for his personal membership info via DM (Direct Message).  His petition was solved in a matter of hours. The reason "in Public" is important to this new strategy…both for customers and for the companies... is key to its success. For customer it is the equivalent of a complaint letter publicly published in the companies newsletter…if only the company newsletters would publish such complaints. The client is so frustrated with the company that not only do they want their problem solved, they want as many people as possible to read about it….For the company this is dangerous grounds,  if the clients complaint is indeed shared and multiplied it can turn into a PR wildfire hard to control, and not even the biggest and most powerful companies can get away with such a Twitter fiasco (aka-#McDstories ). For the company, the smartest way to avoid this is by answering the complaint, publicly as well, so as to "show off"  their responsible and effective client service not only to that particular client but to all who are or might be in the "conversation", this way they are not only maintaing a client but also gaining potential clients.

So next time you have a complaint about a company, product or awful service don't keep quite because of time and energy consuming presumptions, instead, get online and start tweeting. Basically another win-win situation brought to us by Social Media.