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Where the land is timeless

August 30, 2012

Where the land is timeless Where the land is timeless Where the land is timeless

Nestled in the heart of Patagonia, the Familia Schroeder Wineries' spectacular location is one of its finest attributes. This, along with its tradition, are the unique characterstics that inspired the two videos, one promotional (short) and one corporate (long),  that were produced by the collaboration between MG-i and Guillio Milia.

The videos are a bridge that connect  fine art in cinematography with the art of making fine wines. 

Snowy mountains, glaciers, pine forests and lavender fields characterize the patagonia lands and aromatize the vineyards. These lands evoke timeless,  dreams, calm and passion. They are also millenary lands of rich tradition and hidden treasures. Values which inspire the winemaking process in the Familia Schroeder winery.  Take a look at the videos, what do they evoke in you? Leave us a comment here

Short comercial video

We recomend you take the time (5 min) to watch the longer version and find out what hidden secrets were found during the soil movements for the construction of the winery which served as inspiration in the naming of two lines of wine: