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E-Commerce & Wine Trends

August 21, 2014

E-Commerce & Wine Trends

These are a few of the trends one should keep in mind when thinking about e-commerce and wine industry. Whether it be selling wine online or the wine industry in general it is importante to adapt when posible.


Through access to consumer demographic and behavioral information companies are able to segment in a more efficient and specialized manner. Filtering, decoding and analyzing data will become a vital part of sales and marketing strategies. Information about what type of client is searching for what type of product, or certain types of customer preferences towards certain deals and promotions. What are the preferences of customers who suscribe to fidelity programs or those who choose different shipping methods. Through analytics one can offer their customer what they are looking for according to their preferences.


Customers require that the online selling point be up to standard with their shopping expectations. He/she must find what they are looking for in an easy and accesible manner and that their shopping experience be successful, the customer service be satisfying and that they be positevly surprised by some type of added value (go an extra step, cover a necessity they did not know the had).



The online shopping experience culminates with a fast and accesible delivery of the purchased item. For many wineries e-commerce is transforming into a very important channel of distribution which requires as much attention as the other channels. In a changing and often unstable industry it is extremely important to pay close attention to this last step in the shopping cycle without loosing sight of quality control of the product and experience.