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  • am November 19 2017


Client: Giuliani. Project: 3D Modeling and Brochure ("Sintesis")
Date: June 09, 2009.

As part of the 2009 Marketing plan, also developed by MG-i, Guiliani's new line of office furniture demanded the production of a high-end brochure, in print and pdf. All the images in the brochure were fully modeled and 3d rendered by our team of graphic designers. This near-photo quality material was used in the brochure of the "Sintesis" line of office material.

Client: Giuliani

Project: 3d modeling and Brochure (Sintesis)

Services Provided by MG-i: Idea, Concept, 3d modeling, design, ad creativity, print desing

3d Artist: Rodrigo Aranjuelo
Concept: Diego Reos