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SOFIA - Breastfeeding Campaign

Client: Promin - Gov't of Mendoza. Project: Breastfeeding Campaign.
Date: August 01, 2003.
SOFIA - Breastfeeding Campaign SOFIA - Breastfeeding Campaign SOFIA - Breastfeeding Campaign

As part of a national campaign, MG-i, in co-production with Kaleida, produced this Public Awareness Campaign video for broadcast. The objective was to create awareness on the importance of breastfeeding newborn babies in their first year of life. A analogy with the basic concepts of the communication process was created to simplify the interpretation process and gain rapid attention.

Client: PROMIN - Government of Mendoza
Project: Mother's Milk video

Services Provided by MG-i: Concept, script, production, postproduction

Direction: Carlos Duek
Production: Diego Reos