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Mendoza Guia BUS

Client: Government of Mendoza. Project: Guia BUS booklet.
Date: December 01, 2005.
Mendoza Guia BUS Mendoza Guia BUS Mendoza Guia BUS Mendoza Guia BUS

When the Transportation Office of the Government of Mendoza launched a new bus system, the change was considered abrupt by the users. They didn't understand the new system, how it worked, its nomenclature and routes. They were confused! Our creatives came up with the idea for helping to explain the routes and every change made to users with the use of a pocket-sized booklet available at any bus stop and point of token purchase. The result the amount of "user's complains" was reduced in matter of days.

Client: Government of Mendoza
Project: Edition "Mendoza Guia BUS"

Services Provided by MG-i: Idea, model design, graphic design, print management.

Supervision: Sebastián Marques