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BMW iPad App

Client: . Project: iPad data entry experience
Date: February 28, 2012.
BMW iPad App BMW iPad App BMW iPad App

One week away from BMW's Series 1 grand presentation in Mendoza, Argentina, Genco Motors (BMW´s dealer in the region) was looking for a way to attract the guests attention, demonstrate the versatility of the car's double series (sport & urban) and collect information on the guest that attended the event. In order to satisfy this marketing necessity, MG-i came up with the idea for an iPad application for the "Cual es tu linea" (Which is your line) experience. This experience was a 3D video which the promoters at the event showed the guest individually through the iPad. The guest had to watch the video, first with red glasses, then with blue glasses. The story changed slightly depending on the glasses they wore. Consequently they were asked for the version they felt most identified with, which in turn was the indictor of their series preference (red being sporty and blue urban). The guest were later asked to fill out a few short questions in order to receive a free test drive of the BMW series 1.
The app was a success and all of the client's needs were met.
If you would like to watch the video click here. In order to get the FULL BMW experience find a pair of 3D glasses (the ones with one side red and the other blue) and watch the video, first through the red glass and then through the blue side and see which one are you, Sporty or Urban?

Client: Genco BMW Mendoza, Argentina
Project: iPad data entry experience

Services Provided by MG-i: App/Microsite development. Customized CMS for contact database and test-drive confirmation management.