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  • am November 19 2017

PLAN B - "Momentos" VIDEO

Client: Ballester / Milia Wine Branding Agency. Project: Plan B WINES Promotion video.
Date: June 11, 2010.
PLAN B - "Momentos" VIDEO PLAN B - "Momentos" VIDEO PLAN B - "Momentos" VIDEO PLAN B - "Momentos" VIDEO

One of the most respected wine branding agencies in Argentina, Ballester/Milia, asked the MG-i creative team to produce a fast-paced, dynamic motion graphics video for the launching event of Plan B wines in Argentina. MG-i developed a video based on the brand's ‘fresh and young’ concept and objectives using typography animation and 2D animation on a 3D environment. The video was played in the launching event in Cordoba, Argentina, and is currently being used for marketing and promotion nationwide.

Client: Ballester / Milia Wine Branding Agency
Project: Plan B WINES Launch Event
Services Provided by MG-i: Idea, concept, 2d and 3d modeling and animation.

Animation Artist: Rodrigo Aranjuelo

Direction: Diego Reos / Rodrigo Aranjuelo
Production: Guillo Milia