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Client needs’ drive MG-I products and services. Dynamic human resources and production methods deliver custom solutions to each of our clients.

Our know-how in a wide range of different areas gives us the expertise to be able to treat each client and their sector -each one with its own market, target audience, communication codes- with the specialized needs they require.

Your brand is our mission. We pledge our efforts to the continued growth and health of your brand equity- one of your most important assets. By providing personalized attention, experience and creativity, your objectives become our objectives.  

Our successful experience includes a variety of sectors such as:

  • Government Services
  • Agro-industry, Viticulture, and Enology
  • Communications for Development
  • Food & Beverage, Hospitality
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Entertainment industry
  • Corporate Services
  • Public and Private Healthcare
  • NGOs